The Story of Our Medal

At Waco’s Miracle Match Marathon, Our Medals are Special

Finisher medals for Waco’s Miracle Match Marathon are handcrafted by Tim Anderson, Engineer and Equipment Operator with the Waco Fire Department.

In 2010, Tim matched and donated stem cells to save the life of someone’s grandfather.

Like 80% of our donors, Tim was able to donate via apheresis – a process similar to blood donation. Blood is drawn at the donor’s elbow, stem cells are removed via centrifuge, and unneeded blood components are returned to the donor. That’s it.

This is the least invasive and most common method for donating marrow. It is an outpatient procedure and only take a few hours to complete.

Now that you know the face, please consider joining the Be the Match Registry on Race Day. It only takes a cheek swab and won’t cost you a thing.

Like Tim, YOU could be the one to save a life!

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