Jacob's Ladder Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

Are the miles and the hills not enough? One of our favorite things about distance running is what it teaches us about ourselves.

Who Am I and What Am I made of?

You like to test yourself, to push your limits, to take that extra challenge. Always.

As you complete your run through Cameron Park. You will see a set of steep stairs to your right.

Jacob’s Ladder

This set of almost 100 very steep, manmade stairs is a true icon in Waco. It’s tough. It’s tough when you haven’t run at all, let alone when you have run 11 miles.

Don’t worry… it’s optional. We won’t think less of you for skipping it. But if you do it? Well, we will raise a toast to your badassness. We will also attach a ladder to your finisher medal when you cross the finish line.

Jacob's LadderPlease note this will add about a tenth of a mile to your total race distance. You’re welcome. Feel free to take the jalapeno challenge at the bottom, have a beer at the top, cuss along the way. If you’re really lucky, you might even get a bacon hand up…

And please be aware that The Challenge could, in fact, affect your ranking for awards. Take that into consideration when you decide to climb or not to climb. Personally, we think knowing you took that extra step is worth more than one more AG award, but that is up to you and only you to decide.

No whining. Ever.

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