Race Morning

Arrive Early!

Every runner knows the need to arrive early to socialize, take a few starting line photos, and stand in the oh-so-popular porta-potty line. It’s a race day tradition. Please allow one hour, just like catching a flight. Only we won’t charge for baggage, and we’ll definitely give you more than one complimentary beverage.

Bag Check:

Bag drop and lost & found will be located at the race site. Please look for the marked tent just left of the bridge. Please tag your bag with your race number (provided to you when you received your bib). The area will be supervised by volunteers, but please know the RACE COMMITTEE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BELONGINGS – just your good time on race day!

Line Up:

Runners will line up on University Parks Drive in front of the Hilton Hotel and the Waco Suspension Bridge at 113 S University Parks, Waco, 76701.


Yoga provided by Yoga8 for Saturday races.

What Kind of Start:

No Waves. No Delays. There’s a party waiting for you, so run when the gun goes off!

Lost & Found:

Lost and Found will be located at the same spot as bag drop. Anything not claimed by the closing of the course will be donated to Mission Waco, a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless. Your old sweatshirt just found the best home ever!

Medical Attention:

Many of our firemen are registered EMT’s and we have a physician available as needed. Pre-Med students at Baylor University and McLennan Community College have also generously volunteered to serve on the course. Thank them as you know how hard it is for college students to roll out of bed early. An ambulance will be on hand courtesy of East Texas EMS. All rest stops have emergency contact numbers – please alert the volunteers if you or another runner is in need of aid. Cyclists with radios and medical supplies will travel along the route throughout the day. Some of them are really good looking….


In 2010 it snowed. In 2011 we got naked – even the Kenyans were sweating. This is Texas. Be prepared for anything and for crying out loud, check the weather forecast on your smartphone. In the event of serious inclement weather that may endanger our volunteers and participants we reserve the right to cancel the race. Use your head. Don’t be stupid and dress appropriately.

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