1 Mile Fun Run, “The Rookie”

One Mile Fun Run – Saturday, January 25, 2020

Family Fun

Family Fun

The one-mile event is a fun-run and is open to everyone.

It starts at the same time as the Miracle Match KIDS run.

The Good news? Participants (kids and adults) in the 1 Mile Fun Run receive a participant T-Shirt and a Goodie Bag. We heart SWAG!!!

To help alleviate some of the confusion that happens when some kids get medals and some don’t please read the following.

There are 2 different events for kids on Saturday.
1. One mile Fun Run – Register for this and come run one mile. Participants in the fun run will receive a Miracle Match Marathon participant t-shirt. Fun Run participants who would like one may receive either a small participant medal or finisher ribbon at the finish line.

2. Miracle Match Kids Marathon – Last Mile: These are students who are running a full marathon one mile at a time and have been logging their running progress throughout the fall. These kids run their last mile of the Miracle Match KIDS event at the same time as the fun run and should register as a Miracle Match KID. There is a special race bib for these students identifying them as a Miracle Match KID and only these kids finishing their 26th mile will receive their MMK finisher’s medal. More information about the Miracle Match Kids Marathon.

Miracle Match KIDS Marathon Supporter: Parents and teachers running in support of their Miracle Match KID must register as a Miracle Match KIDS supporter to receive the Miracle Match KIDS commemorative. There are no t-shirts or awards for the supporters other than running with your special student as they cross the finish line for their marathon.

The Kids Race and the One Mile Fun Run event are both on SATURDAY, January 25!!!!

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