1 Mile Fun Run, “The Rookie”

Family Fun

Family Fun

The one-mile event is a fun-run and is open to everyone. It starts at the same time as the Miracle Match KIDS run.

Anyone wanting to run with their Marathon Kid must sign a waiver and register. The Good news? Participants in the 1 Mile Fun Run receive a T-Shirt and a Goodie Bag. We heart SWAG!!!

Miracle Match KIDS: This registration is for students who are running a full marathon a mile at a time and have been logging their running progress throughout the fall. These kids running their last mile of the Miracle Match KIDS event should register as a Miracle Match KID. Only the kids finishing their 26th mile will receive their MMK finisher’s medal.

Miracle Match KIDS Supporter: Parents and teachers running in support of their Miracle Match KID should register as a Miracle Match KIDS supporter to receive a Miracle Match KIDS t-shirt. There are no awards for the supporters other than running with your special student as they cross the finish line for their marathon.

One-Mile fun run: All other runners should register for the one-mile fun run and will receive a Miracle Match Marathon participant t-shirt. Finisher ribbons are available for one-mile finishers.

The Kids Race and the One Mile event are on SATURDAY, January 26!!!!

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