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The 10K is the perfect choice for those not quite ready to take on the half marathon, but still want to participate on the Big Day. See it as a stepping stone, a fun way to share the first five miles with your half or full marathon buddy. See it as fun!

The 10K begins at the same place and time as the Half, Full, and Relay, at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. The course follows the others around McLane stadium and along the Brazos River, allowing runners to spend time with their friends and family who might be running the longer distances. At the 5 mile mark, it returns to Indian Springs Park, it turns off the main course, and crosses the river. A short jog along the river path, a quick 180 degree turn, and a final dramatic crossing of the Waco suspension bridge to the finish line!!!

Flatter than a pancake.. and certainly flatter than the half and full… just get out there and enjoy!

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