4 Person Relay

relayNot ready to run a marathon but want to be in on the fun?

The 4 person relay is on Sunday when the Big Dogs are runnin’.

Put together a 4-person relay team! We have a leg for every runner.

Leg One – The Baylor Loop
Flat and fast from downtown Waco through Baylor across the river to the fabulous McLane Stadium and back along the river again. Go Bears! (Just over 5 miles)

Leg Two – The Heart of Waco
Downtown through historic Austin Avenue to the Half. (Just over 8 miles with a slight incline)

Leg Three – Rolling on the Lake
Through the hills of Ridgewood Country Club, follows Lake Waco then out on the Dam (About 7 miles)

Leg Four – Cameron Park: The Jewel of Waco
Starting at the 20-mile rest stop at Lake Shore Drive & 19th, the QUADZILLA of your group will climb the hills of MCC and Cameron Park. (About 6 miles)

Relay Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. Please review the course map and note the locations of the relay points: http://www.usatf.org/events/courses/maps/showMap.asp?courseID=TX15002LAB
    • 1st relay point – mile 5.5 when you leave Indian Springs Park and turn on Washington (in front of the convention center main door)
    • 2nd relay point – mile 13.1 at Fishpond and Ridgewood
    • 3rd relay point –College and Cameron Park Drive (by MCC)
  3. IMPORTANT! FOLLOW THE FULL MARATHON ROUTE, not the half or 10K. There is plenty of signage as well as volunteers to help coordinate, but you will have to read and pay attention. We try to keep it easy – we mark the course split locations like crazy, yell at you and even color coordinate your bibs. Relay locations will have a large flag banner – can’t miss it!
  4. If you are running leg 2, 3, or 4, hill train. Too late? Oops!
  5. Each runner on your team will get one bib with your team number on it that is to be worn in the front and one bib that just says “relay” that is to be worn on the back. All of the numbered bibs have a disposable timing strip – this way you can all get a spoil and haze your slowest teammate.
  6. Rules say – you do have to make some sort of physical contact with your team mate at the relay points. What kind of contact is up to you – we will not ask questions.
  7. We do have a nursing home van to shuttle runners to and from the relay points (now that is funny!) BUT unless you are good to wait for the shuttle to make the 26.2 mile round trip (there is just one), then you should consider driving to the exchange points. There is plenty of parking. We even threw in a portapotty.
  8. Did we mention “Have Fun!” and see you at the bridge.


Awards will be distributed to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in the following Categories:

All Male

All Female

Mixed (that means co-ed genders, not breeds)


Law Enforcement

Days to 2019 Miracle Match Marathon Weekend








Weather Forecast

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Chance of Rain
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