26.2 miles (duh!)
Certification # TX08113ETM

Date & Time:
January 26, 2020 starting at 7:30 a.m. Don’t be late – there’s a party to be held and I am not waiting for you.

Indian Springs Park in Downtown Waco, TX.
Street address 113 S. University Parks Dr., Waco, TX 76701

Brief Description of Course:
Hilly. Every year people complain that we didn’t tell them how hilly the course is. Seriously? Did they not hear our mantra? Toughest in Texas. No Bull.

Consider yourself warned.

Marathon Awards

Overall Male and Female
Overall Masters, Male and Female
Age Categories:
There are 11 male and female age categories for a total of 22 categories available.

Ages are:  18 – 24, 25 – 29, 30 – 34, 35 – 39, 40 – 44, 45 – 49, 50 – 54, 55 – 59, 60 – 64, 65 – 69, 70-dead.

All Marathon Finishers will receive:

  1. Celebrate your victory over the hills with a 17 oz Stainless Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Bottle with your Miracle Match Finisher Logo. Fill it up with your preferred finish line beverage…water, Diet Coke, or our favorite, FIREBALL!
  2. Plus the Hand Crafted Finisher Medal cut by Waco Firefighter Tim Anderson who donated stem cells thru Be the Match to save the life of a perfect stranger
  3. Plus the Goodie Bag.
  4. Plus the Participant T-Shirt

You better bring a trailer for all this stuff!

Marathon Route

Marathon Route with descriptions - USATF Course Certification - Color Map with Route and Turns shown

View Map

MMM Directions - Turn by Turn

MM Marathon: Start by going going east on University Parks Drive to I-35 (against traffic, north lane)

  • Turn right (south) on Baylor Ave.
  • Turn left (east) on S 1st St.
  • Turn left (north) onto Bagby Ave.
  • Turn left (west) onto S University Parks Drive
  • Turn right (north) into entrance of Mayborn Museum Complex.
  • Turn left (southwest) at main campus entrance road toward Jesse H Jones library.
  • Follow road along left side of museum, passing through Grant Teaff plaza, following route over walking bridge towards McLane Stadium.
  • Turn left (west) on sidewalk , and continue around the stadium, and continue to follow the sidewalk around the marina.
  • Turn left (south) to cross over the walk bridge  and take the first left past the bridge to get on the Riverwalk.
  •  Turn left (west) onto Riverwalk.
  • Continue following Riverwalk until you reach the ramp just before Washington Ave.
  • Follow the ramp back up to street level and turn right (west) onto University Parks drive
  • Turn left (south) onto Washington Ave.
  • Turn left (east) onto S 3rd St.
  • Turn right (south) onto Austin Ave.
  • Turn right (west) onto Castle Ave.
  • Turn right (west) onto Carondelet Blvd.
  • Carondelet turns into Herwol Ave at sharp left turn.
  • Turn right (west) when Herwol intersects 38th street.
  • Continue across Waco Dr along 38th street until Colcord Ave.
  • Turn left (west) onto Colcord Ave.
  • Turn left (west) on 36th Street.  Continue in left (south) lane facing traffic.  This road becomes 34th street.
  • Turn left (south) at Colcord Ave.
  • Cross New Rd and continue behind Waco High School (west) onto N 44th St..
  • Turn left (south) onto Cobbs Dr.
  • Turn right (west) into parking lot immediately before Starr Dr. (Turning right at Starr Dr. instead shouldn’t affect the distance of the course dramatically, but the official measurement passes through the parking lot to Wilford Dr.)
  • The parking lot forces runners to the left (south) onto Wilford Dr.  Continue on Wilford.
  • Turn right (west) onto Lake Air Dr. from Wilford Dr.
  • Turn left (south) immediately onto Live Oak Avenue.
  • Turn left (east) onto N 52nd St.
  • Turn right (south) onto Bishop Dr.
  • When Bishop Dr. intersects N Valley Mills Dr, continue straight through intersection onto Hilltop Dr.
  • Turn right (west) onto Fish Pond Rd. (relay exchange and 13.1 mile mark)
  • Turn right onto Westover
  • Turn right (north) onto Ridgewood Dr.
  • Ridgewood Drive eventually returns to Valley Mills Dr/Lake Shore Dr.  Turn left (north) onto Lake Shore Drive (runners will proceed in the left (west) lane, facing traffic.  This road continues for several miles.
  • Turn left onto Lake Waco dam (sidewalk) entrance. Runners should stay to their left while running on dam (incoming—along wall.  Outgoing—along grass)
  • Continue on dam for approximately  0.1 to turnaround.  Yes that’s just to down the hill and right back up...)
  • Exit the dam through the open gate and make a left (north) turn back onto Lake Shore Drive.
  • From Lake Shore Dr, turn right (south) onto College Dr. (entrance to MCC).
  • Take the FIRST left onto Cameron towards baseball fields and river stage.
  • Go Up the most awesome hill EVER.  At top of hill, turn right.
  • Hate me and continue up hill. Follow road all the way to College
  • Left on college and left on Highlander - uphill again!!!
  • Get to the top of that hill and Turn right on McLennan Dr.
  • Turn left(south) onto Highland.
  • Turn right (west) onto Powell Dr.
  • Turn left (south) onto Mockingbird Ln.  Enjoy the hills., love the speed humps...
  • Turn left (east) onto Meridian Ave.
  • Turn left onto Lovers Leap Rd heading into beautiful Cameron Park.
  • Right onto Cameron park -continue on CP all the way to Redwood Shelter
  • Optional: eat a jalapeno and climb Jacob's Ladder - go left onto Sturgis back to Cameron Park Dr.
  • Cross the bridge that spans the creek, and turn left on University Parks Dr. at the intersection
  • After passing beneath the Herring St. bridge, turn right at the crosswalk to proceed up the sidewalk to Herring
  • Continue on the sidewalk, across the bridge, and stay on the sidewalk along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (to your right)
  • Turn left on the sidewalk that travels up to the suspension bridge
  •  The finish line is a few feet past the end of the Suspension Bridge.

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