KIDS Marathon

Kids Marathon MedalHere’s a chance for kids to participate in a Marathon – one mile at a time!

Log your miles during PE class or on your own!

Kids who finish the entire 26.2 miles receive a Miracle Match KIDS T-shirt and a Real Marathon Medal.

Miracle Match Kids Marathon Final Mile
Saturday, 01.26.2019
8:00 a.m.
Indian Springs Park

Miracle Match KIDS: This registration is for students who are running a full marathon a mile at a time and have been logging their running progress throughout the fall. These kids running their last mile of the Miracle Match KIDS event should register as a Miracle Match KID. Only the kids finishing their 26th mile will receive their MMK finisher’s medal.

Miracle Match KIDS Supporter: Parents and teachers running in support of their Miracle Match KID should register as a Miracle Match KIDS supporter. There are no awards for the supporters other than running with your special student as they cross the finish line for their marathon.

One-Mile fun run: All other runners should register for the one-mile fun run and will receive a Miracle Match Marathon participant t-shirt. Finisher ribbons are available for one-mile finishers.

RhiannonWanna run with your Marathon KID?

Sign up as a MMK supporter rather than for the 1 mile fun run.

Miracle Match Kids Race Chair Rhiannon Boyd knows the value of goal setting and a healthy life style!! A native Wacoan, she’s an avid runner, a fitness junkie, a pediatric nurse, and most importantly, the mother of Karson, the “best little dude ever, who has completed more races than she has this year!”. MMK was his first event ever. He has been hooked ever since, which makes MMM so lucky that it brought her to us!!

Rhiannon has dedicated her personal time to help make our Kids Running Program easy and doable for moms, teachers, youth group leaders, and kids alike. She is also enormously involved in the Special Olympics Volunteer Program, which we encourage everyone to become involved. Contact Rhiannon to get your child or your group involved and running strong towards the MMK finish line!!! Contact her at

Area 12 Special Olympics of Texas

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Miracle Match Marathon Kids Marathon

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