Two Person Relay

relayNot ready to run a marathon but want to be in on the fun?

The 2 person relay is on Sunday when the Big Dogs are runnin’.

Put together a 2-person relay team! We have a leg for every runner.

Relay Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. Please review the course map and note the location of the relay point. (It’s at Lover’s Leap.)
  3. IMPORTANT! FOLLOW THE HALF MARATHON ROUTE, not the 10K. There is plenty of signage as well as volunteers to help coordinate, but you will have to read and pay attention. We try to keep it easy – we mark the course split locations like crazy, yell at you and even color coordinate your bibs. Relay locations will have a large flag banner – can’t miss it!
  4. If you are running leg 2, hill train. Too late? Oops!
  5. Each runner on your team will get one bib with your team number on it that is to be worn in the front and one bib that just says “relay” that is to be worn on the back. All of the numbered bibs have a disposable timing strip – this way you can all get a spoil and haze your slowest teammate.
  6. Rules say – you do have to make some sort of physical contact with your team mate at the relay point. What kind of contact is up to you – we will not ask questions.
  7. Cameron Park will be closed but you can park at HEB on 19th and walk in to get to the relay point.
  8. Did we mention “Have Fun!” and see you at the bridge.

Relay Awards

Volunteers Handing Out Relay Medals!

All Members of Your Relay Team Receive the finisher medal, the Participant T-Shirt, the Goodie Bag, but Most Importantly the Fun and Memories of Hangin’ With Your Friends and Crossing that Suspension Bridge Together!

First, second, and third place awards will be distributed for the following categories:

All Male Team
All Female Team
Mixed Team (that means co-ed genders, not breeds)
First Responder Team

Relay Route

The Relay Route is the same as the half marathon.

Here's the link to the route in Race Joy.

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