The Story of Our Bridge

The Suspension Bridge finish line is a symbol of how the Miracle Match Marathon “Bridges the Gap” between Donors and Recipients.

Waco’s Historic Suspension Bridge

A Little History:

At 475 feet, Waco’s Historic Suspension Bridge was the longest single-span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi when it was completed in 1870. It brought the Chisholm Trail right through the heart of Downtown Waco.

The bridge cost $135,000 to build and was used by pedestrians and wagons as well as livestock.

A tornado devestated Waco in 1953, destroying much of downtown and killing 114 people. But the Suspension Bridge stood strong.

Crucial to traders and travelers for well over a century, the bridge stands as a icon of Waco history and is the centerpiece of many community festivals and events.

We think it makes a swell finish line.

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